Civil Funerals Explained

A Civil Funeral celebrates the life of the deceased, reflecting their personal beliefs, wishes, values, and traditions. Please take the time to go through the information below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with me directly.


A Civil Funeral Ceremony is for any person regardless of what beliefs, if any, he or she held. There is no set format for a civil funeral. Each ceremony is unique – as unique as the person who has died; as unique as the life they lived. It is a ceremony created especially for them.

The Civil Funeral Ceremony:

  • Reflects the beliefs, wishes, values, and cultural traditions of the person who has died
  • Fulfills the needs of the people closest to that person
  • Meets the expectations of all who come to the funeral
  • Is a highly personal ceremony

In cases where the deceased was not a religious person, or was not constrained by a pre-ordained religious liturgy, a Civil Funeral Ceremony can provide the best of both worlds.

Further Information:

  • It allows the funeral to become a true celebration of the life of the deceased
  • It can be adapted to suit the wishes of both the deceased and the family
  • It can be personalised to suit the requirements of the bereaved
  • It gives the option of some religious content if desired
  • It gives the bereaved ownership of how they wish to grieve for the loss of their loved one

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