Civil Funerals Ireland

So what is a Civil Funeral?

Civil funerals celebrate the life of the deceased, reflecting their personal beliefs, wishes, values, and traditions. A Civil Funeral Ceremony is for any person regardless of what beliefs, if any, he or she held. There is no set format for a civil funeral. Each ceremony is unique – as unique as the person who has died; as unique as the life they lived. It is a ceremony created especially for them.

Civil Funerals Ireland, In Summary:

  • Reflects the beliefs, wishes, values, and cultural traditions of the person who has died
  • Fulfills the needs of the people closest to that person
  • Meets the expectations of all who come to the funeral
  • Is a highly personal ceremony

Why Choose a Civil Funeral?

In cases where the deceased was not a religious person, or was not constrained by a pre-ordained religious liturgy, a Civil Funeral Ceremony can provide the best of both worlds.

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