The wonderful thing about a Civil Funeral is the fact that it can be completely tailored to the wishes of the deceased.  Secular songs or poems that may not be permitted at a religious ceremony can be included in the service.  Equally, prayers which would not be allowed at a Humanist service, are also acceptable at a Civil Funeral if desired.

Two ceremonies held recently are perfect examples of just how personal the occasion can be.  For one, the lady who had passed away was well known for her love of pink and to reflect this, her coffin was painted in her favourite colour.  Pink is the universal colour of unconditional love. It represents friendship, affection, and approachability – traits which were the essence of this wonderful lady.

In a similar way, the indomitable spirit of another lady was remembered through the presence of her Harley Davidson, ‘Piglet’ at her service.  These are just a small sample of the ways in which we strive to ensure that each service is as unique and individual as the person themselves.


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