A couple of months ago I met a lovely lady who wanted a decade of The Rosary recited at her Civil Funeral.  Sadly she has since passed away, and recently I officiated at her final farewell ceremony. It was a very moving and heartfelt service with contributions from an old friend, a former work colleague, and her son, intermingled with some lovely music and poetry which reflected her long and interesting life.  Towards the end of the service, the family requested that we pause for a moment of quiet reflection. After this, a cousin of the deceased, who is a Catholic priest, led us in a decade of The Rosary.  The final piece of music was the song that was played at her wedding over sixty years ago.  Afterwards, people commented on how the service reflected the life of the deceased and how it ‘told her story’.  Incidentally, her Reverend cousin thought that it was really beautiful and dignified, and agreed with its format and content!

That is the beauty of a civil funeral ceremony, all the beliefs, wishes, values, and cultural traditions of the deceased can be honoured.  No two civil funerals are the same. It was an honour and privilege for me to have helped the family in some small way on their sad journey.