Civil Funerals Ceremonies

Celebrating the life of the deceased, reflecting their personal beliefs, wishes, values, and traditions

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My name is Padraic Cawley. I am a fully qualified Civil Funeral Celebrant with over ten years experience in the undertaking industry. A member of the Institute of Civil Funerals since 2011, I guarantee a professional, discreet, and sensitive service at all times.

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About Civil Funerals

A Civil Funeral Ceremony is for any person regardless of what beliefs, if any, he or she held. There is no set format for a civil funeral.


Funerals are a very difficult time for all. I have attempted to provide as much information as possible about Civil Funeral Ceremonies.

Useful Links

I have compiled a list of useful links to key areas related to Civil Funerals. You can find details of crematoriums...
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