Losing someone dear to you is a difficult and emotional time, and while it is important to acknowledge and respect your grief, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away. I will visit you at your home or any location, to discuss with you sensitively, and with care, the life of the deceased, and help you create the ceremony to enable you to say your final goodbyes. During our meeting, I will take note of your loved ones details and the precious memories you have. This will assist me in writing a service that truly reflects them, and the life they have lived. The funeral service is written with sensitivity and respect, and is approved in advance by you, to honour and celebrate the life lived. At all times you remain in control of how the ceremony is conducted.

There also is an opportunity in the service for those who wish to contribute, either by reading a poem or reflection, or recalling fond memories. It is also possible to create a slideshow of photographs which can be a lovely way to encapsulate a life. Any religion or no religion is catered for – it is about your beliefs, not mine. Sometimes, the emotion of the day means occasionally – and understandably – people cannot carry out their reading. If this happens, I will be on hand to help by stepping in and reading it on your behalf.

If you would like symbolism such as a balloon release, or doves, or live music such as a Bagpiper, or a String Quartet, I can help you with those decisions.   But if you would like a family member sing, or play their guitar – that’s fine too.

People may be concerned about having the whole funeral service at a Crematorium. Alternatively, you could have a funeral ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one anywhere you choose – at home, or a another venue like a hotel, club house etc. … with all friends and family, with photographs, with candles, and then follow it with a private committal for family only.

In short, you only get one chance for a good funeral.   I will help you to achieve this.